Our customized feeds provide unique insight to our customers about various threat indicators that are observed on our highly dynamic sensor network covering the globe. The Botnet monitoring capability adds live feeds of indicators generated from various popular Botnets.

Our Threat Intelligence Feeds can be consumed via Web/XML/CSV and various other formats. Our custom API allows feeds to be directly ingested in to customer’s favorite SIEM platform.Below is the indicative list of our feeds available for subscription:

  • Phishing URLs
  • Phishing Kits
  • Malware :
    • Malware Config
    • Malware domains
    • Malware Binaries
  • Bad IP :
    • Malware C2
    • Ransomware C2
    • Bruteforce
    • SMTP
    • Honeypots (Telnet/SSH/Web/Elasticsearch etc)
  • DDOS Botnets
  • Banking Botnets

The threat intelligence feeds provide significant input to organizations to assess its cyber security posture and its strength. Security posture can be further strengthen by ingesting these feeds to existing security infrastructure.

Prevent Cyber Attacks with advance intelligence