Managed Solutions

The Darknet monitoring includes carefully collecting, categorizing and disseminating all threat related information based upon customer profile and relevance. Our highly skilled resources collate actionable insights from various Forums/sites/IRC/I2P sites.

Our customers receive the actionable intelligence including the details about adversaries.

Darkweb, Deepweb, Darknet are platforms that host enormous data and communication that is not indexed and cannot be traced via search engine. These platforms are increasingly preferred by bad actors as a platform for exchange and often with involvement in criminal activities.

Few categories of crime related information available in Darknet is:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Selling drugs and weapons
  • Empowering cyber criminals,
  • Encouraging pedophiles and related activities
  • Supporting Anti-National Militants/Terrorists/Radical groups to operate and communicate from Darknet

Our collection experts have years of experience in collecting and prioritizing intelligence using OSINT and sum it up with all possible contextual information which is collected via other private sources, this allows our customers to correlate the information which is being spoken in public media with solid context provided in our reporting

Open Source Intelligence or OSINT as it is commonly referred is method of gathering intelligence from publicly available sources, over the period OSINT coverage has changed to a great extent. Earlier only sources such as Blogs, news, business websites, social networks etc. but along with evolution now OSINT also include various Clearnet hacking forums which are open to register.

Through our Social Media monitoring service, we monitor different platforms to identify likely and probable threats to customer organization. We provide detailed reports on events including the information about actors behind the operations/campaigns. Our services help customer’s prepare against the threat and act proactively.

In today’s environment, threat actors use various social media platforms such as, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp to communicate their propaganda. Social Media is also a platform used for self-boasting for various hacktivist groups such as Anonymous and other similar regional nationalist hacktivist groups. These groups use this platform to plan and gather support for their various operations.

We provide our customers with comprehensive intelligence on:

  • Cyber crime actors
  • Cyber underground marketplace
  • Malwares such as, Ransonware, Banking Trojans, Credential Stealers, POS Malware

This intelligence helps customers to proactively plan for their cyber defense and prevent loss/theft of data and breaches.

Money has been primary motivation for cybercrime actors globally. The prevalence of various crypto currencies and monetization techniques has made it easy to cash out without getting caught. There are a high number of market places where information such as Credit Card, Data Dumps, Stolen accounts, exploits and vulnerabilities are available for sale or trade.

Our DDOS intelligence offering provides unique insights about tools& techniques for DDOS sold in underground as well as target, victim information from the collected TTPs. Our team includes seasoned “Malware &Reverse Engineers” who monitors various DDOS Botnets.

Distributed Denial of service attacks are most widely used by cyber criminals and activists. Cyber Criminals create DDOS Botnets and sell them or takedown services in cyber underground marketplace.

Prevent Cyber Attacks with advance intelligence