Darknet Monitor, will help our customers to monitor threat activities in Darknet without actual need to visit the original source in the Darknet. The platform will provide access to all monitored data from Darknet such as, Forums, Blogs, Markets, IRC, Botnet etc. Our saved searches and real-time alerting will ensure that customer is alerted via multiple preferred means.  

Unique Proposition

  • High Quality content from Open/Closed/Invite only forums/markets
  • Availability of data in the system even after source URL goes offline/taken down
  • No requirement of Darknet Persona Management
Data Breaches are a common phenomenon in today’s environment with over 60% of them not getting discovered and reported. The data harvested from these breaches are widely sold in the cyber underground. Credential monitor provides lookup facility for our customers in variety of leaked databases to identify compromised credentials of their organization/employees. Real time alerts from the system will ensure customers are alerted as soon as their monitored domain/users are identified in leaked database.  

Unique Proposition

  • Availability of data from Private leaks shared in underground (not available publicly)
  • Domain Monitor, helps to monitor leaks for any user in customers domain
OSINT monitor collects information from various open sources medium such as Forums, Blogs, Social Networks, Paste Sites, IRC communication networks to ensure data is collected and available for research and analysis at one place. OSINT Monitor’s consolidated view and keyword based search functionality ensures that customer is not required to perform individual search.  

Unique Proposition

  • Consolidated Open Source View
  • Data availability even after original source takedown

Open Source Intelligence is an important medium of gathering intelligence in today’s environment. However the challenges are:

  • Inability to collect and search right data,
  • Non-availability of historical data, as it is a normal practice to take down any offensive or derogatory or illegal post from internet, removal of such content provides a major roadblock in verifying the accuracy of open source intelligence.
Card leak monitor platform is a proprietary solution which is equipped to monitor Underground/Darknet e-shops. Specifically it helps banking and financial institutions to monitor Track1/Track2 and Card BINs and take proactive action in case of any breach.  

Unique Proposition

  • Proactive card leak monitoring
  • Identification of area/region based infections to link to major compromise

Stealers are most common malware that spreads via several types of spamming/phishing campaigns, the primary motive of these campaigns is to infect end user and harvest vital information such as User Credentials, Credit Card/Debit Card numbers, Internet Banking passwords etc. This harvested information is packaged and sold in the underground and Darknet.


Underground Actor Monitor provide real time information database of various threat actors and their activity profiles. Our research team updates the database regularly as part of their attribution and investigation projects. Customers access the platform to identify, validate and match the TTPs of threat activity as part of internal threat hunting and attribution efforts.


Unique Proposition

  • Great resource for actor/activity attribution
  • Actor and new TTP Links

Breach + Defacement monitor is a platform to track Hacktivism related activity. It has extensive database of Defacements, Hacktivism motivated breaches, new operations campaigns and sharing of target lists. Our customers can monitor their domain(s) and configure customized alert so they are always informed if their domain is under threat for any hacktivism related activity


Unique Proposition

  • Domain defacement monitoring
  • Hacktivism Motivated Threats & TTP

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