Intelligear Threat Intel Solution provides you the most accurate cyber threat assessment customized for your organization. Our intelligence team deploys HUMINT and OSINT to bring you the actionable intelligence backed by machine learning and analytics that is probably Best in the World.


Operationalize Threat Intelligence

In today’s environment one of the greatest challenge faced by the CISOs and corporate security teams is right ways to consume Threat Intelligence. There are number of ways a Intelligence is delivered today and about 90% of that intelligence is neither operationalized nor adequately consumed for visible actionable results.

Intellibuild helps CISOs (Chief Information Service Officer) create a customized framework to build in-house capability of creating and operationalizing threat intelligence.

Intellibuild offering aims to address the unique challenge faced by CISO i.e. 90% of the Cyber Threat Intelligence is not adequately consumed for visible actionable results. The constant overload of data and feeds means that their internal security teams are constantly stretched and strained under the onslaught of attacks and investigating false alarms as they receive a ton of alerts from many different parts of their security stack. The investigation to validate is time consuming and as a result the real threats goes unnoticed.

The customized process will ensure right pieces of intelligence reaches directly to all the organizational pillars where it can he adequately actioned or acted upon.

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Our threat collection teams deploy Honeypots across the world, analyze attack information and ingest the data on “IntelliGear Feeds” for our customers. With IntelliGear Decoy we provide same technology (which powers our internal threat collections) to our customers. The decoys are installed at strategic points in customer’s network and thathelps to look at infections and attack patters on their own network. Customers can utilize intelligence to improve and harden their own security Posture.

Honeypots have been in existence since many years which have helped to lure the attacker and capture the attack TTP. Honeypots helps to capture real attacks, weather it is Manual or Automated. The in-network presence of honeypots helps to quickly capture and identify non desired traffic and adds value with actionable intelligence.

Fuzz Testing(or Fuzzing) is a software testing technique in use to discover coding errors and security loopholes in software, operating systems and networks. Vulnerabilities in well-known applications are often used by malicious actors to target Cyber Attacks on enterprises. Fuzzing is aimed to identify those vulnerabilities as a proactive measure. The activity is conducted by attempting to crash test the system by inputting massive random data, called Fuzz. #OpFuzz – A new dimension in security Testing
  • Industry leading security Testing methodology to help Customers Fuzz Test the code/application before final release.
  • Highly experienced team credited with identifying critical vulnerabilities such as Memory Corruption by Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec and many more.
  • Uncover bugs before product release
  • Propitiatory file format covered with custom Fuzzers
  • Uncover bugs before product release
  • Identify Logical Programming Bugs missed in source code audit
  • Automated Discovery and Reporting
  • Fully Managed support

End to end service:


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  • Designed for Film & Media Industry
  • Stop Piracy at the Source
  • Enhance monetization gain to rightful content owner



Round the clock of IP address and internet (Blogs, Websites, Forums, Dark net, Torrent, Streaming platforms e.g. You tube


Automated analysis for every source of infringement


  • Deactivate/Block the source at ISP level (Website Owner/Register/Hosting Provider) through infringement notice or court order as required.
  • Exclude links to piracy source on search engines like Google/Bing/Yahoo etc.
  • Acting through Law Enforcement Agencies to deactivate culprits.


Disguise/Divert those looking for piracy source


  • Regular infrimgment reports/alerts via email, WhatsApp, Telegram etc.
  • Customer Portal access to view the statistics

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Cyber Health Assessment shows security health insights of our customer’s organization. Our team analyzes network traffic/security logs and benchmarks it against our proprietary threat database. On this basis, we warn about the presence of malicious entities (malware/connections) in the network.

Organizations deploy variety of security solutions for protection against cyber-attacks such as Firewall, Antivirus, IPS etc. However the security controls are still susceptible of breach courtesy new attack TTPs and other innovative attack patterns like we have recently seen in case of several large organizations getting breached.

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Cyber Security Trainings and Education is essential part of any comprehensive corporate cyber security program. Trainings and continuous knowledge upgrade with new tools and technologies is imperative for Information security personal to ensure they are ready to build defenses and respond effectively towards modern day cyber-attacks. Our highly specialized training programs provide different outlook for our customers, where our experts not only impart technical trainings but also back it up real life scenarios which are being handled regularly during our internal research which fuels most of our products and services. This practical approach not only makes the whole training program interactive but also helps participants to work on real world problems. Following are the primary specialized area’s our current training initiative is focused upon:
  • Cyber Threat Hunting
  • Fuzzing
  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Customized Training Programs

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Prevent Cyber Attacks with advance intelligence