Corporate The increasing incidence of cyber attacks on corporate has made Cyber Threat Intelligence a mandatory cornerstone in every company’s cyber strategy.  Not only large but even small size organizations employing 20+ staff and possessing customer and other proprietary data have to ensure security against cyber attacks.  Data breaches, Cyber extortion& crime, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), Espionage are the common types of attacks. Organizations are generally good at ‘Inside-Out’ assessment to build cyber strategy that they achieve through deploying and complying applicable security standards on their assets.  However, they widely lack ‘Outside-In’ assessment which makes them vulnerable to unknown evolving cyber threats. Our Cyber Threat Intelligence service provides the view of external targeted threats that are likely to expose organization’s inherent vulnerabilities in their security architecture.  The intelligence can be integrated with customer organization’s existing environment as well enriching their data to meaningful intelligence.   This ‘Outside-In ‘view is extremely valuable and helps organizations build an effective end to end cyber strategy. Governments Governments are subjected to cyber attacks from threat actors who are either anonymous or state sponsored whose motivation is Cybercrime or Hacktivism or Espionage. In the recent times, Governments are also grappling with the huge challenge posed by terrorist organizations that are increasingly using various technology platforms to communicate i.e. Telegram etc (in place of traditional communication channels). We offer tailor made threat intelligence that can be applied to the multiple context mentioned above on the back of solutions such as:
  1. Darknet Monitoring
  2. Clearnet Monitoring
  3. IM Monitoring (Such as Telegram, IRC, Jabber etc)
  4. Social Media Monitoring